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Tips for a Financially Safe Retirement

Retirement usually falls into one of two categories for most people: either something that they don’t worry about, or something that they worry about constantly.  Obviously, most people should spend time worrying about, because, well, generally speaking, everyone wants to retire at some point.  While the specific of retirement are up for debate, there are a few simple tips that can help alleviate the stress of the situation.

Make a Plan and Stick to it

Saving in general is an extremely beneficial habit to adopt, regardless of individual situation or retirement plan.  When it comes to retirement, finding a plan and sticking to it are more important than finding a particular plan.

Retirement Savings is Not Gambling.

One of the most common mistakes that many novice investors make when they start planning for retirement is thinking through the lens of a young man.  Retirement is a long time away, and should be approached with a goal on the long term and not with a focus on increasing maximum returns during the short term.  Gambling on risky investments is fine to do, as long as it is being done with disposable income and not money pre-marked for retirement purposes.

Contribute to Your Employers Retirement Plan

Whether it is a 401k or similarly appropriate retirement plan, many employers offer a great package to their employees, or at least, the start of a great plan.  However, again, many younger investors view these type of plans with disdain, preferring to forgo a slow, consistent investment in favor of a home run investment.  This only leads to misfortune and heartache.

Social Security Benefits

Social security benefits are something that most people disdain the most of any potential retirement plan.  Say what you want about the quality of social security, or its viability as a long term retirement package, but no matter what, everyone has to pay into it, and everyone is eligible for it at some point or another.

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