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Tips for a Financially Safe Retirement

Retirement usually falls into one of two categories for most people: either something that they don’t worry about, or something that they worry about constantly.  Obviously, most people should spend time worrying about, because, well, generally speaking, everyone wants to retire at some point.  While the specific of retirement are up for debate, there are […]

Impact of Charitable Donations on Retirement Planning

Charitable donations have always been a part of the American cultural landscape.  Whether it is participating in a local food drive, volunteering time and resources to a shelter, or simply assisting in operating expenses of a particular organization through a monetary contribution, Americans find a way to help others every day. However, with the increasing […]

Ways to Work After Retirement

Why Work? No matter what they tell themselves, most people have a hard time letting go when it comes time to retire.  Honestly, there are only so many vacations, fishing trips, or children to visit before most people get a little loopy.  Also, no matter how much you may love you spouse, two people aren’t meant […]

What Is Your End Game Retirement Plan?

Plan, What Plan? I think the most common mistake people make when discussing any complicated problem is assuming that everyone is operating under the same basic premise or even underlying paradigm.  Look at retirement planning for example.  What do you think of when someone says the word retirement?  I imagine being able to sit around […]